a blessing

I am at the beginning of a creative journey, full of hopes and dreams and fears about this tender infant website that I’m about to share with the world. I was raised in a tradition of ritual and celebration – in a community where prayers and blessings were freely given.

Here is my wish for this site.

That it is a soulful place.

A place that is a rewarding pause in your day.
A place where you can feel comfortable taking off your shoes and putting up your feet.
A place where you can enjoy a warm drink.
A place where reading and looking and seeing happen slowly, and deeply.
A place where you are nourished.
A place where you are inspired.
A place that feeds life.
A sustainable place.

A place that honours stillness and reflection.
A place that shines lights on new paths.
A place that suggests new possibilities.
A place that honours learning and growth.
A place that honours change and movement.

A place that welcomes all.
A place that honours difference and connection.
A place that honours complexity and simplicity.
A transformative place.

A place that sits with you.
A place that walks with you.
A place that helps you meet your needs.
A clean place.
A rich place.
A real place.


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