pre-dawn, Runaway Bay, Jamaica

Sometimes I lie in bed late at night, thinking I’m having trouble sleeping, and then I realize I must have drifted off for a moment, and now I’m awake again.

Do you ever do that? Realize that you’re awake, and not asleep anymore?

Sometimes, because I suffer from migraine headaches, I notice the moment I wake up because that’s when all the pain descends again.

But more often it’s like my first example. Suddenly I realize, “Hey, I’m awake!” and it’s no big deal. It feels kind of good, actually.

I never used to appreciate Eckhart Tolle’s books. I tried to read them, but maybe because I didn’t have the lived experience of what he was describing – being awake in the present moment – I didn’t understand how it could be.

I recently watched this video of a Google Talk by Tolle, and for the first time took away some real, practical tips.

If you’re curious about awakening, I recommend it.


The themes for March 2012 are bedrooms and rest.

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