blackout curtains

canvas blackout curtain

Apparently it’s a good idea to sleep in total darkness, so that the body’s natural melatonin levels can regulate themselves.

I made myself a blackout curtain a while back, so that I could sleep in almost total darkness. I appreciate it when I have migraines, too, because it blocks out the light so well in the daytime.

I had a lot of fun making this curtain. I used roll ends from a local discount fabric store, and sewed them together like a large patchwork. Then I stapled the whole thing to the top of my window frame. The curtain has ties, so I can roll it up during the daytime if I like.

Sometimes I lie in bed and I think about what it must have been like to live in London, England, during the war. Everybody used blackout curtains, to prevent the enemy from bombing them at night.


Do you like the idea of sleeping in a totally dark room? How would your body respond – negatively or positively?


The themes for March 2012 are bedrooms and rest.

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