dreamcatcher in bedroom window

I have two dreamcatchers hanging in my bedroom window. I used to have a third, but I gave it to my niece when she started having nightmares.

I got all three from a nearby Native community. I used to go and sing for them every year at Christmas time. The dreamcatchers were gifts from them, thanking me for my presence.

My favorite was made by one of the little girls in the community. The weaving of the gut is slightly uneven and imperfect, but beautiful in my eyes.

I like to think that it catches the best dreams – the ones with the most hope, and the most promise…


Do you dream at night? Do you try to remember your dreams?

How amazing would your life be if you could connect with – and listen to – your own deep wisdom?


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The themes for March 2012 are bedrooms and rest.

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