vision of home

vision board on door

For most of my life I lived in other people’s houses. They were my homes all right, but they didn’t belong to me. I didn’t have control over the way things looked – except in my bedrooms, which were increasingly crammed with a lifetime’s worth of living.

I was a magazine junkie for many years, and especially loved interior design magazines. My all-time favorite was The World of Interiors, because it was full of European homes that looked nothing like the North American suburbs I grew up in. I dreamed of a home with whitewashed walls and an ancient sink and wood floors and flea market furnishings.

When I finally had a place of my own, all to myself, I was astonished to look around one day and realize that my apartment looked exactly like my perfect vision of home. The walls were cream, the furniture consisted of eclectic cast-offs that I’d picked up over the years, and I was happier than I’d ever been in my life.


What’s your perfect vision of home?


The theme for April 2012 is home.

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