collaged labyrinth from art journal

Strange as it may sound, the words heart, hearth and focus all have the same root. The heart of my home is not only the hearth. The heart is also the caring and healing energy that uplifts me whenever I walk through my doors.

The heart is also the deep mystery at the centre of life.

My art journals are filled with images of spirals. They are the simplest form of labyrinth. I trace my eyes and fingers slowly from the edge of the page to the centre. Having reached the middle, I turn around and trace my way back out again, changed.

It’s the relationship with whatever you find at the centre, that sustains you.


Make me
a still place of light
a still place of love
of you
your light radiating
your love vibrating
your touch and your healing
far flung and near
to the myriads caught
in darkness, in sickness
in lostness, in fear
make a heart-center here,
Light of the World.

Prayer from Malling Abbey, Denmark. Found in the book The Bridge of Stars: 365 Prayers, Blessings and Meditations from Around the World.


What do you find at the heart-centre of your home?


Art journal spread of red and green spiral collage, August 2005.

The theme for April 2012 is home.

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