apple star

The more I riff on the idea of home, the more shades and layers of meaning I find. After thinking about heart, the word “core” came to mind.

(And I can’t prove it, but I bet core is also linguistically related to coeur (heart) and focus.)

My head is filled with all kinds cores:

Core reactors, nuclear cores, magnetic cores, and core memory.
The core of the sun, where nuclear fusion (that warms my skin on sunny days) happens.
The core of the earth, which is molten and hotter than I can imagine.

The core beliefs, core values, core functions, and core activities of groups.
The core family, and core relationships.

A dancer’s or athlete’s strong core, which helps them move nimbly and easily.

An apple core, where the most precious bits (as far as the apple is concerned) hide in the shape of a star.


What’s at the core of your home?


The theme for April 2012 is home.

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