brass door locks and chain

Your home may have security and protection thanks to locks, alarms, strong housemates or deep faith… but does it actually feel safe?

I was analyzing one of my dreams recently with a dear friend who has years of experience in Jungian dream analysis, and we were talking about a recurring dream that I have. In this dream, I’m afraid someone is going to break into my house, so I keep checking all the doors and windows. They’re always unlocked, or the locks are always broken… and my dreaming self is always anxious that an intruder is hiding outside in the darkness, in the bushes… or may have already broken in without my knowledge.

It was once suggested to me that a dream like this might be about new unconscious material that the ego was afraid to bring into consciousness. My friend suggested another possibility: I’m a survivor of sexual abuse. Perhaps the house is my body, and I’m afraid of its boundary being trespassed.

Her interpretation really landed with me. And it reminded me that, even within our homes – even with the best locks and barriers, attempting to keep all the bad things out – there can still be bad things, and we can still be vulnerable. For me, in the best of all possible worlds, home is a place where I can truly feel safe.

Is there anyone in your home who feels unsafe – either because of another person, or a situation that makes them feel helpless? What would it take to change that?