the keep

baskets on wooden storage shelves

Most human beings seem to collect at least a few possessions during their life’s journey. Many of us accumulate a lot more than a than that. Nomadic people carry all their belongings around with them in bundles, usually on pack animals, or some kind of human-designed transportation like a wagon, sled or boat. People who settle in one place build storerooms to hold the things they prize, like food and wealth. For many of us, home is where we keep our stuff.

I love the word keep, because it reminds me of knights and dragons and medieval castles. The keep was the strongest and securest part of the castle – the part that was protected against marauders and invaders. We also earn our keep – our food and clothes, and other essentials for living. The word keep comes from the Old English “cepan” – to seize, take in, care for, attend to. My home is my keep, and I keep (look after) my home.

What do you keep in your home? How do you make decisions about what to keep (take in) and keep (care for)?