how are you feeling?

wax crayon and collage art journal detail

I’ve been having a crummy week. Things are busy at work, and I’m internalizing a lot of anxiety and fear about being able to complete projects within certain deadlines. I’m guessing this is pretty normal for a lot of working people, although in my case I know that I tend to be pretty hard on myself. So I’ve been feeling awful.

I introduced Nonviolent Communication (NVC) yesterday. It’s a communication tool that I’ve been exploring for about four months. One aspect of Nonviolent Communication is being able to identify what you are feeling. If your feelings are good, then it’s likely that your current needs are being met. If your feelings aren’t good, then that’s a clue that at least one of your needs probably isn’t being met in this moment. Here’s a list of feelings. Have a look, and see if you can figure out which ones are alive in you right now.

How are you feeling? If you’re not feeling good, how can you change that? If you’d like to learn more about NVC, you might also be interested in this book.

Beginning this month, I’m switching to weekday publishing only. See you Monday!

Detail from the art journal spread Bach Italian Concerto, November 2005. Wax crayon and collage on paper.