yoga feet

Another thing I learned from Gwen Bell was the idea of alignment. There are many kinds of alignment, though – and people mean different things when they talk about it. Sometimes people talk about physical alignment – the way that two or more objects line up with each other. Or the way the parts of your body line up with each other, or with your yoga mat. Sometimes people mean the alignment of their values and goals with their actions, or their thoughts with their intentions.

My favorite kind of alignment to include in my life is the alignment of what I do with what the deeper part of me (some people might call this God, or inner knowing, or the true Self) knows for sure. An example: I have an intention lately to avoid turning to the Internet to numb my discomfort. The deepest part of me knows that when I go to the Internet to distract myself from my discomfort, I tend to get caught up in the all sparkle and fizz of interesting content, and the next thing I know several hours have passed, and that feels like a waste of my time, especially when I could have been doing something else more nourishing for my life. When I listen to my inner knowing and act on its guidance, that’s alignment.

Is there a part of you that knows when you’re in and out of alignment? Do you listen to, and act on, that knowing? If not, why not?