black and white photo of woman's ear

As I sit working at my computer, one of my cats keeps pestering me. He paces back and forth in front of my face, between me and the screen. He tries to curl up on my lap, but can’t seem to get settled. He rests his head against my mouse arm, wanting a warm snuggle. I don’t have the time.

I know he just wants love and attention. If I stopped my work for five minutes to stroke his soft fur, and whisper loving words into his ears, he would settle down and leave me be. But when I convince myself that his needs aren’t as important as mine, both of us lose – I don’t get any work done, and he isn’t heard.

How long can you ignore your own gentle, persistent wisdom, before it needs to smack you in the head with a brick? What would your life be like if, instead of waiting for a crisis, you stopped to pay attention to your wise self on a regular basis, so that it wouldn’t need to interrupt your life at “inconvenient” moments?