art journal wax crayon drawing

In order to relate to transpersonal or archetypal energy, one has to be strong enough to receive it. Imagine a clay vessel, fired in a kiln. If there happens to be a flaw, or the temperature changes too quickly or goes too high, the vessel cracks and breaks.

During ritual, you are the sacred vessel, or temenos. You are the container or instrument that transpersonal energy passes through. If you can’t receive the energy, the experience is lost. Paradoxically, you get strong enough to bear transpersonal energy by being vulnerable, by being able to let go of rigid conditioning and beliefs, and by doing the daily work of conscious differentiating: Is this me? Or does this energy belong to somebody or something else? Is this what I value? Is this what others have told me is valuable, but isn’t really? Is this authentic? Am I living my life for me, or somebody else? Is this life-serving?

The ability to receive is a very feminine quality. Which is not to say effeminate, or solely the of province of women. Both men and women must equally develop their ability to receive, if they want to be transformed by transpersonal energy.

How easily or readily do you receive the experience of transpersonal energy? How willingly do you submit to the wisdom of your inner self, or Source?

Art journal spread, August 2005. Wax crayon, ink and collage on paper.