drawing of apple

The complement of receiving is discerning. I mentioned it briefly in my previous post. Whereas receving is feminine, discerning is masculine – and a skill that is equally necessary for both women and men to strengthen. Discernment asks the questions: What is this energy? Is this me? Or does this energy belong to somebody or something else? Is this what I value? Is this what others have told me is valuable, but isn’t really? Is this authentic? Am I living my life for me, or somebody else? Is this life-serving?

In ritual, discernment is as crucial as receptivity. Discernment is a sword that knows when to cut loose from the things that may be holding you back from connection with transpersonal energy. Discernment is the honing of values, and the exercise of making decisions. Sometimes the cuts are hard. But if they’re true, they serve life.

How honed is your skill of discernment? Do you know what you truly value? Can you make healthy choices for yourself? Do you act on your inner knowledge?

Art journal spread Learning, April 2007. Wax crayon, pencil and collage on paper.