bringing back the treasure

art journal spread of flowers and stars

When the ritual is done and you return to your daily life, one of the most crucial steps is bringing back the treasure you found during ritual. This is the stuff of the hero’s journey, although your treasure might seem quite humble in comparison to the Ring or a chest of buried gold. But if your ego has been strong enough and flexible enough to bear transpersonal power and survive, you will understand, without the need for words, how valuable your experience has been.

Your treasure may be an intuition or a new understanding of a situation in your life. Or it may be a work of art, or the seeds of one. Or it may simply be the embodied knowledge that you are supported and encouraged on your journey by your deepest self, or Source energy, or God.

Whatever you do, don’t forget its worth. And for heaven’s sake, don’t leave it behind.

What treasures have you found during ritual? Have you managed to bring them with you on your journey?

Art journal spread Starflowers, August 2006. Wax crayon, pencil and collage on paper.