worst migraines ever

art journal page with angry skull head

Another rough night, although not so bad as Sunday.

Went to bed with a migraine after a wonderful day of feeling well (was even able to get out and do some errands, including dropping off forms for my EI sickness benefits application at Service Canada now that I’m officially on leave), and then woke up around 4:00 a.m. to crushing pain. Vomited and had some juice.

Feeling a bit better now – well enough to have swept my entire apartment as a way of distracting myself from how I’m feeling (plus it makes me happy when things are tidy). And well enough to write this (I can’t bear to use devices when I’m really nauseous).

I need to do some reading online when I’m feeling a little better, but I have a feeling the migraines have to do with the hormonal changes caused by the chemo. I remembered when I woke up in pain that my social worker had told me many women experience really severe perimenopausal symptoms on chemo (and afterwards on tamoxifen), and I’ve read that migraines can get temporarily worse as estrogen levels decline at menopause. Joy.

Going to call the cancer clinic this morning and see if I can get referred to palliative care – I need to do something about this extreme pain.

Found this blog post when I was going through my Facebook memories this morning – this expresses so well something that I’ve experienced on my journey.

photo: untitled art journal page, wax crayon and ink on paper, September 2005