how I’m doing after chemo 4

art journal drawing of tulips

So I had chemo number 4 two days ago, with a new chemotherapy drug. I definitely feel better than I did on the FEC cocktail.

FEC made me really fatigued and nauseous. I slept around the clock for the first few days after each treatment, and had to take powerful drugs to help with the nausea.

This time on the DOCEtaxel I don’t have the same fatigue. I’m still taking a nap every afternoon, but mostly because I’m awake early writing these blog posts, and just catching up on my sleep.

I feel great, and am managing to do some exercise. (Yesterday I did my qigong, seven-minute workout and aikido basic movements, and later had some “dance breaks”.)

My appetite is good, and my recent problems with constipation on chemo have been resolved. I have great hopes for the D regimen so far.

Photo: detail of art journal spread One flower bowed its head, collage and wax crayon on paper, January 2006