my low-carb weight loss in photos

Photo 1 – In the photo on the left, I weigh about 190 pounds. The photo on the right is me at 125 pounds.

I’ve lost more than 75 pounds on a low-carb, and then a ketogenic, diet. These photos show my progress from my highest weight of around 200 pounds, to now.

Photo 2 – This is another photo of me near my heaviest weight. I’m around 190 pounds in this photo.

Photo 3 – This is me just days after my double mastectomy for Stage 2 breast cancer. The smile on my face says it all. I’d lost 35 pounds at that point, and another 5 pounds in breast tissue during my surgery!

Photo 4 – These are “before and after” shots of me with and without breasts. I was thrilled with my 40-pounds-lighter body.

Photo 5 – Here’s me in the chemo lounge on the left, and a selfie I took at one of my low moments during my treatment, when I realized I was gaining weight again because I’d reverted to high-carb bingeing.

Photo 6 – Aikido was one of the activities that made me feel good about my body, and myself. I had to give it up when I moved after my treatment.

Photo 7 – By the end of my five-month chemo treatment, I’d gained 20 pounds.

Photo 8 – It took another 18 months, but I finally got back to low-carb living, and the weight started to come off!

Photo 9 – Today I’m 75 pounds lighter than my heaviest weight! In the photo on the left, I weigh around 190 pounds. On the right, I’m 125.

Photo 10 – I’ve found new purpose in advocating for body positivity for women following mastectomy without reconstruction. I post daily online photos of myself wearing “flat-friendly” fashions.

Photo 11 – I still can’t believe the change that I’ve made in my life and my body. I’m so proud of the woman that I am now, regardless of my weight. I feel like I can do anything!

I love sharing my body metamorphosis, and telling others what I know about paleo, Primal, low-carb and ketogenic eating. It works, and it’s sustainable!