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clementine oranges in white sink

About sharing my work, and why I don’t have ads or affiliate links on this site.

You may enjoy the pictures* you see here, or the words you read. If you do, I’m glad. I created this site to inspire you.

You may want to use my pictures or my words in your own life. I’d be very honoured if you did. Please freely take whatever is useful to you, as long as you are not making money from my work, either directly or indirectly. Play with it, quote it, print it, share it, use it as your desktop wallpaper, or plaster it all over your real walls. Change it. Improve it.

If you would like to use my work for commercial purposes (some examples might be using an image of mine for an album cover, or using my writing as part of a workshop you are leading), please contact me for permission. Depending on what you want to do, I may ask you to pay a fee to use my work. Chances are, I will probably give you permission for free, though. I’m pretty nice like that. But I do like to know how my work is being used commercially, so be cool, okay?

You may have noticed there are no ads on this site. I keep it that way on purpose. When I visit websites, I’m interested in content that is valuable to me. I don’t want to be distracted by advertising that doesn’t interest me. So I created this site exactly as I would like to see it, if it belonged to someone else. I think it’s pretty awesome that I can have that kind of control over the work that I’m sharing with the world.

How do I make money on this site? Right now, I don’t. That means I also don’t use affiliate links. If I recommend someone’s work, it’s because I truly get value from it – not because I want you to buy it, so that I can get a commission. If you click through any link that I put on this site – for a book on, say – I will not make any money if you buy the book. Seriously.

Thank you so much for visiting my site. I hope it’s a place you’ll want to return to often.

Much love and appreciation,


*Unless otherwise indicated, all photos and photo-illustrations on this site are ©2005-2012, Michelle Lynne Goodfellow.