detail from wax crayon art journal spread

I’ve talked about comfort, and being able to identify your feelings and needs. But what if you get stuck in the bad feelings – the discomfort of unmet needs?

This is something I really struggle with. And like many people, I turn to “solutions” that only temporarily take away the discomfort, but don’t address or meet the root need. When I’m upset because a conversation hasn’t gone well, I turn to food to numb the discomfort of not belonging and not being appreciated. When my body hurts, I fall asleep to numb the discomfort of a pounding head or a screaming belly. When I’ve lost my connection to my creative source, I turn to the Internet to numb the discomfort of my unfulfilled contribution.

How do you deal with your own discomfort? What would it be like if you could choose warm solutions instead of freezing ones?

Detail of art journal spread, September 2005. Wax crayon on paper.