experimentation and evaluation

measuring cups

There’s change for the sake of change, and then there’s change with a purpose. I get really frustrated by the former, because it seems so meaningless. But the latter? I can deal. Even if the change doesn’t end up fulfilling the purpose. Because that’s what experimentation is all about. You come up with a theory about what might work, you try it… and if it doesn’t work, you evaluate what happened and try another experiment.

I’m very appreciative of the work of Ev Bogue, who has emphasized action and experimentation over and over again in his work. Some recent experiments I’ve tried: Doing yoga on my bed. (Fun, and a refreshing change from my usual routine.) Writing first thing in the morning. (Didn’t go so well. I fretted too much about all the other things I needed to do before leaving for work.) Writing just before I leave for work. (So far, a much better fit with my lifestyle.) Giving up fruit. (Still a work in progress, only because I hate throwing out food. But I haven’t bought any new fruit in several weeks, and my pantry is almost empty of fruit (except for goji berries and cape gooseberries).)

If you’ve been paying attention to your feelings and needs, and have decided you need to create some new habits, how could you start to experiment and take action now? And if you feel hesitant about taking action, what’s the real reason? Are you being completely honest with yourself?