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experimentation and evaluation

There’s change for the sake of change, and then there’s change with a purpose. I get really frustrated by the former, because it seems so meaningless. But the latter? I can deal. Even if the change doesn’t end up fulfilling the purpose. Because that’s what experimentation is all about. You come up with a theory [...]

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strategies to meet your needs

Once you’ve identified your feelings and your needs, then you can better come up with strategies to meet your needs. If I recognize that I’m needing presence, for example, I can choose to spend some time in meditation, rather than choosing a strategy that may at first seem more pleasant (such as mindlessly surfing online, [...]

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I’ve talked about comfort, and being able to identify your feelings and needs. But what if you get stuck in the bad feelings – the discomfort of unmet needs? This is something I really struggle with. And like many people, I turn to “solutions” that only temporarily take away the discomfort, but don’t address or [...]

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what do you really need?

Yesterday I suggested that only you know what you really need. But do you know? I mean – have you ever consciously thought about what you really need? Some people talk about needs and wants in terms of basic necessities and frills. Shelter, food, and the clothes on your back are needs. 6,000 square foot [...]

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“nobody needs anything”

Every April I have a special ritual. You probably have a similar one. I call it “getting ready for my income tax return.” The ritual includes sorting through my past year’s receipts, and pulling out any that I need for my return. In the process, I end up doing a mini-review of my past year [...]

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