wasp nest

When we talk about animals, we sometimes use the words “nest” and “home” interchangeably. But if you think about it, nests are really only temporary places for raising young. Birds build nests to lay eggs in… and so do wasps. Sometimes people call their homes or their beds “nests,” but what they really mean is that those are places where they can get all cuddly and snuggly, and rest like a protected baby.

Sometimes we talk about the “nesting” instinct – especially in women who are pregnant. Some people spend a lot of time decorating and redecorating their homes. I know one woman who says she totally lost interest in decorating after menopause. She assumed it was her hormones’ fault.

I don’t think of my home or my bed as a nest… but sometimes I make myself little nests of blankets and quilts, when I’m sick or I want to spend some time apart from the world.

Are you a nester? What does that look like? What does it feel like?