sea change

cat in fridge

I can’t tell you how frustrated I’ve been with my eating recently. I’ve been bingeing daily on chocolate and other junk food for nearly two months, and last week I was starting to feel like I had lost all control of my relationship with food. I have a history of disordered eating, and this was not good.

I decided I wanted to make a change as the calendar flipped into September, and I thought about revisiting a habit that I developed a year ago, to encourage healthy eating. Last August I started photographing every single piece of food that I ate, and posting it online on this Tumblr blog. It had the immediate effect of making me more conscious about my food choices, since I didn’t want to publicly post a garbage diet. Plus if people were going to be looking at all the food that I ate, I wanted to make sure that my meals were really well-balanced and nutritious.

I stopped the daily food blogging last October, once the healthy eating habits had become really entrenched and I no longer needed the discipline of the blog to stick with my food choices. But the time has come to revisit this helpful technique again, so starting September first I’ve been posting photos of all my food once more. The effect on my diet has been immediate – no more junk (after I finished off the last of my chocolate stash first thing Saturday morning). I’m planning on sticking with the daily blogging for at least the month of September, as part of Leo Babauta's Sea Change program.

Do you need a sea change? What tools do you have to help you become conscious of your bad habits and unconscious behaviors?