final chemo infusion!

photo of chemotherapy IV bags hanging on poles

I can hardly believe it. I’m finally finished chemo!

Yesterday I had my final chemo infusion. My chemotherapy regimen consisted of six infusions in total, each three weeks apart. The goal was to kill any cancer that might be remaining in my body after my double mastectomy last fall.

The nurse easily found a vein this time, and I had my final Docetaxel dose. When I was finished, Mom took a bunch of photos, including this one of me ringing the bells outside the chemotherapy clinic, signifying the end of chemo.

woman ringing bells signifying her chemotherapy treatment is finished

I still have several days of symptoms ahead of me, but I’m so glad that I will be experiencing them for the last time. It will make them easier to endure.

In three weeks my white blood cell counts will be tested, and if everything’s okay, I’ll be able to start thinking about returning to my pre-cancer life. I can’t wait, because that means I’ll also be able to return to aikido, my favorite extracurricular activity.