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the perfect wardrobe

This summer I’ve been experimenting with choosing a core wardrobe of as few pieces of clothing as possible. I’m not quite sure why I’m doing this, or if I could explain it to someone without sounding crazy – although it may have something to do with a fantasy that I’ve entertained for several years, of [...]

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washing quilts

If your quilts are vintage or hand-made, wash them with care. Use the delicate setting on your machine, and avoid the agitation cycles – just soak and rinse. Gentle, eco-friendly detergents made especially for wool or delicates are best. And when you store vintage quilts, fold them a new way every time. It avoids wear [...]

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washing blankets

I have a special way of cleaning my wool blankets without dry cleaning. I wash them in the washing machine on the wool setting with cold water, and don’t add any detergent – just a cup of pickling vinegar. Then I hang them to dry. They come out smelling clean and delicious, and get softer [...]

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allergies in the bedroom

If you’ve been diagnosed with an allergy to dust mites or pets, your doctor has probably told you to wash your bedding frequently in hot water. Hard floors in the bedroom also help. So does vacuuming your mattress. ~ Does your ideal rest include clear sinuses? ~ The themes for March 2012 are bedrooms and [...]

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washing linens

Just think – we sleep on our sheets every night. They touch our skin for eight hours straight. I like to use gentle laundry detergents like this one by Bio-Vert. I put vinegar in the rinse water, to help adjust the pH of the fabric afterwards. ~ Imagine caring for the health of your skin [...]

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mended sheets

One of the downsides to sleeping with cats is clawed sheets. This is a picture of my fitted sheet, carefully mended where the cats have rent it. ~ Do you like the idea of fixing things that are broken – giving them another life? Is there room in your own life for repaired things? ~ [...]

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freshly made bed

I love a freshly made bed with clean sheets. Slipping beneath the covers feels like becoming a brand new person. ~ Imagine that you’re freshly made, clean, and brand new. What are you doing? ~ The themes for March 2012 are bedrooms and rest. Copyright and disclosures.

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reducing linen laundering

I wash my sheets every two weeks, to save energy and water. Since I’m a single woman who sleeps alone, I can flip the sheets after one week, and “dirty” both sides of the bed before laundering the sheets. I first heard about the idea of washing bed linens less frequently in one of Elaine [...]

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